Vegan Leather Black & White Tobacco Pouch Case

Vegan Leather Black & White Tobacco Pouch Case

Rolled Cigarettes MiniBag


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Durable and sturdy, protects your tobacco and accessories. Closure design with Snap buttons. The bag can be easily closed and opened. Compatible with any normal case and enough storage space for accessories and even more.. The additional hidden compartment offers space for filters, money, keys, phone and more. It has a soft feel and unique look.


  • Vegan Leather by Grape
  • Color Black and white


  • Soft feeling
  • Proper storage space
  • Made from certified vegan leather

Further information

  • Measures 17cm long, 10 cm length (20 cm open)

Wash and Care Instructions

  • Do not machine wash
  • Hand lightly sponging max 30 °
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not put in the dryer
  • Don’t clean with solvants
  • Clean with damp cloth only.
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