Sanremo Fashion Show

Store at Piazza Vittorio 14

SLOW FASHION IN TURIN. We are a sustainable, ethical clothing brand based in Turin, Italy. At Atelier Guida, we believe in the concept of slow fashion, which means that we prioritize quality and sustainability in all of our products. All of our clothing is proudly Real Made in Italy, using certified fabrics and locally sourced materials whenever possible. Our goal is to create pieces that will stand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability. Sustainable fashion from Italy. Find your unique style.

Cruilty Free Fashion
Slow Fashion
Ethical Fashion
Sustainable Fashion


Abito pappagallo
Organic Cotton
3Parrot T-Shirt
Organic Cotton
Lily Crop Top
Organic Cotton
Pantaloni Stefy Bianco
Organic Cotton
Felpa Giglio Viola
Organic Cotton
Pantaloni Happy Parrot
Organic Cotton
Zaino Libero Funky Bird
Organic Cotton
Pantaloni Stefy Verdi
Organic Cotton

Torino Store!!

Piazza Vittorio, 14

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